from cleints who participated in

The ACTS Program

Melissa Snider

“Working with Larry Brunson was a life-changing experience.  My son learned how to appreciate the difficult moments of life dealing with mental health by not letting them define him. Larry Brunson brought out the characteristics and talents that I never knew my son would possess. I highly recommend his services, my son is taking college courses for safety and fire at Hoosier Academy and will be graduating from Hoosier Academy in 6 weeks."

Anthony Boston

Anthony first came as a student expelled out of school in the 9th grade for behavioral issues and bad grades. After going through just 6 months in the ACTS program he was able to successfully transition back into school full-time.  A few years (3) later he has his high school diploma and graduated on time.

Brenden Stickles

“Mr.  Larry helped me experience changes in my life that were affecting my mood and ability to function. I learned how to cope with the issues I was dealing with by him showing me the process and how it works and also trusting it .  Mr.  Larry also helped me with my confidence and taught me the 7 "Core Values" which has helped me understand positive leadership.  Now I’m on the path to feeling healthy and productive for the first time in my life.”

Jalen Harvey

"I want to thank Larry Brunson I was able to change my entire life around.  Mr. Larry was there for me you helped me change and I'm so grateful!  You are an amazing person and appreciate what you did for me through my ups and downs.  Now I am successful and able to do amazing things."

Jakobe Lyle

"My son Jakobe is 19 he struggled with ADHD and ODD he is a funny kid and a pleasure to be around.  He started to struggle his 11th grade year due to losing his older brother to senseless gun violence but he pulled thru by the grace of God he will b a high school graduate on June 1 ,2018 from Lighthouse South Charter.  Thanks to Larry Brunson for being a wonderful mentor in Jakobe's life we are forever grateful.  Thanks again for all the skills you have taught him."

Dommink Brown

"Mr. Larry helped me in so many ways from dealing with my anger, coping with difficult situations, to volunteering in the community at several different places.  The volunteering helped me to become a better person.  It humbled me to see life from a different perspective.  The biggest thing that he helped me with was to set realistic goals for myself and to control my anger.  I was able to use the skills he taught me to get a job, and now I'm on the right path to graduate from high school."

Giovanni Tunstil

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.  Larry Brunson has worked with my child Giovanni, in the beginning it was a bumpy road but over the months and time my child has spent with Mr. Brunson there were many positive outcomes.  My son was receptive being redirected giving him alternative solutions to cope with his challenges.  He also learned to respect himself and others as well.  I cannot express enough how much of the positive examples he took the time to model for my son.  Thanks for being that positive role model my son needed, I relly appreciate it.  It takes a village to raise a child thanks for your services."

Nick Campbell

Hi Larry! Thank you for everything you did for our family! You've had a huge impact on Nick and that has influenced his relationship with me as well as Patrick! He has also blossomed socially and I couldn't be more proud! He even joined a motorcycle riding club! Patrick has also decided to get his motorcycle license and ride too!! Please don't ever underestimate the good you do in our community and your hard work shows in our life everyday! Thank you Larry and God bless!!

Jeffrey Walters

 "Mr. Larry is awesome! My son was doing so well with his services.  He needed a stand up male figure in his life and I really do appreciate Larry Brunson and his services it helped my son cope with some difficult times."

DeMarkus Otam

“Thanks to Mr. Larry for being a good mentor and for guiding my son DeMarkus on the right path.  I will always be thankful to him.”

Isaiah Freaner

“I love the work that Larry Brunson has done with my son.  I am very pleased with the leadership qualities and confidence he gave my son.”


Airrion Neville Jr.

"Larry Brunson has been an excellent role model, and mentor for my son. My son was able to transition from a half-day to full-day school schedule. I am very pleased and thankful for his services."

Kendrel Jenkins

“Larry Brunson saved my life he isnt the traditional mentor/provider he think's outside the box and was able to relate to the challenges that I was dealing with during a tough time in my life when noone else could understand me.  I appreciate Mr. Larry helping me with my anger problems that led me to transition back into school from a half-day schedule to a full-time schedule in high school.  It was hard for me to trust him at first but he worked with me one-on one on a consistent basis without letting me use excuses.  He even gave me skills that helped me to become assertive during situations and times I wanted to express myself without becoming angry, which also helped to advocate for myself. ”Mr.  Larry made me believe in myself that I that I now know how to present the right social skills to get a job.

Keaton Williams

“Working with Larry Brunson really helped me to have self-control and feel more confident to make friends which was life-changing experience. He was able to understand me in a way that allowed me to trust him.  I learned how to appreciate the difficult times of my life and not let them define who I am."

Jucoby Blow

"My name is Jucoby Blow, Mr Larry was a big help to me.  I'm doing my chores more, listening to my mother without arguing, and reading a lot better.  Now my mother lets me go places without her worrying.  I want to say thank you Mr.  Larry."

Indianapolis, IN, USA

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