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Youth overcame the challenges of social anxiety during job interview, and receives his first job at

Congratulations to my client who received his first job at Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful at 15 years old. This is huge considering that this time last year he was kicked out of school for a whole semester prior to my services. I started working with him about 5 1/2 months ago and since then he's worked really hard preparing himself for this opportunity. He knew first that this job only was offered to high school students so he needed to get back into school. Once that was applied he was successful in all three phases of the application process completing the last and final step which included a face to face interview. Something he struggles with but, he trusted the process and plan that I had designed strictly for him during my one on one sessions which included role-playing scenarios of real life situations and how to be assertive in his responses. Along with coaching him on his ability to conduct proper social skills with extreme repetitions of mock interview questions that also prompted him on appropriate body language as well as having a firm hand shake and eye contact. He was receptive to the changes he was required to make in terms of his ability to cope with his impulsive and aggressive behaviors that has impaired him from other opportunities in the past.

Indianapolis, IN, USA

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